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wall removal

Take down the walls and see the beauty of the rest of your home from every angle 

Remove a Load bearing wall

to create an open-concept living area

Taking down the walls to create an open floor plan is becoming popular.   Chermark Renovations is a contracting company in Hamilton that has been helping home owners see the potential and put in place the necessary steps needed to achieve this living space. This may involve a load bearing wall removal.  See why this important to know below.

what to know before
you remove a wall

It may seem easy enough to remove a wall if you want to create an open living space but there are major issues to consider.  This can involve a major structural change with a wall removal if you are removing a load bearing wall.  You don't want to ruin the structural integrity of your home so this is when you need to consult a professional.

There are some important elements to consider before a wall is removed.  Take a look at our FAQ  section below to see some necessary steps that you won't want to skip when it comes to beginning a wall removal.

 Our Services Include:

  • Architectural Design and Drawing

  • Permit Applications

  • Coordinating Timeline and Scheduling

  • Management and Construction and Final Finishing

  • Troubleshooting and Resolution


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Building Permit?

Yes, the city requires a permit for any structual change to a dwelling. A permit is needed for a wall removal whether it is a structural wall or not. A building permit ensures the safety of any structural or mechanical change and provides the security of second review of the construction done on your home.

Do I need drawings?

Yes, if there is a sturctural change then you do engineered drawings. The drawings contain all the details that are required to obtain a permit and the city will use these to review the work and make sure all specifications are met. Chermark Renovations does offer in house drafting and engineering services that can provide what you need in order to obtain a permit. Some of these cost may be addition to your renovation budget but are important in order to avoid future disaster.


Load Bearing Wall Removal

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creating open-concept living

Connecting rooms together can create a more open floor plan and bring light into rooms that were otherwise dark because of an existing wall.  Opening the space in your home can create a more social environment for the family and for your company.  If someone is cooking in the kitchen then guest or family can all be together. Commonly, removing the wall between kitchen and living room is the what homeowners are looking for or sometimes part of a load bearing wall can be removed resulting in an open-concept look.  See one of our projects below that gives an example of removing supporting wall in kitchen.

Design Ideas when

when removing a walls in the house

A completely open space can be created by having a beam installed to carry the full support of the wall removal.  To carry the weight that the wall was holding you can replace a load bearing wall with a beam.  You can have a load bearing wood beam or an LVL or alternatively you can have load bearing steel beam installed or an i-Beam that can be elegantly covered over.   Other design choices to consider is when a load bearing wall has support columns.  Therefore load bearing column ideas are important to the homeowner. Contact us to discuss your project and get a free home estimate.

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