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Front Porch Repair and Rebuild in Hamlton, Ontario

Repair to Front Porches

Older homes with covered front porches can sometimes result in a sag to the existing structure.  This is due to rot in the wooden post or beams holding the structure up.  However it may also be to poor foundation or no foundation at all under the support posts.  A sagging front porch can result in a more serious problem to the structure of the rest of the home.  The roof line of the front porch may be part of the structure of the home and can result in sagging in this portion of the house.  A repair to the front porch can be made by repairing the beams and or support posts but may also include ensuring there is a foundation to support the entire structure.  

An informed decision is important to help you, as the homeowner, decide how and what is required to repair the sagging front porch.  Chermark Renovations has the experience and the qualifications to help you understand the necessary steps involved.   Contact us today to get a free home estimate.

Front Porch Repair in Hamilton

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