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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)  

Permits & Drawings 

​Before you begin any project there are important aspects of any renovation or building project that must be considered. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Building Permit?

  • a building permit ensures the safety of any structural or mechanical changes.

  • getting a building permit protects you under your current home owner's insurance.

Note: Permit fees are nominal but they protect you and provide you with additional inspections to make sure things are done right.

Do I need drawings?

  • it is always best that you have drawings for any major project.

  • Drawings contain all the details that are required to obtain a permit.

  •  it is best to get professional guidance as to where to obtain drawings that are needed.

Note: in some cases a simple sketch from the home owner is sufficient.

Some of these cost may be an addition to your renovation budget but are important in order to avoid future disaster.

Can I use my own architect?

  • Yes we are happy to work along with our clients and their choice of architect.

  • We do offer in house drafting and engineering services and in most cases this can provide you with what is required.  Includes blueprints and all certifications in order to issue a permit.

Contractor Qualifications

Frequently asked questions

Is my contractor licenced?

- A licenced contractor has the knowledge of the building code and has been qualified by the city or province to handle the renovation or building project.


Chermark Renovations Licences are:

- City of Hamilton Master Builder Repair Licence

- City of Hamilton Contractor - Builder Repair Licence

Is my contractor Insured?

- Contractor insurance is necessary to provide the safety and protection to the company employees or individuals within the construction zone.  The Ontario government mandates that a company is WSIB compliant for all employees safety and protection.


Chermark Renovations carries 5 million in liability Insurance and we are WSIB compliant.

Cost and Payments?

Why does my Contractor require a deposit?

A deposit ensures that upfront cost are covered and if a client changes their mind then the contractor is not left with expenses incurred on behalf of the client.

How much should I pay a Contractor for a Renovation Deposit?

Deposits Amounts Vary Depending on:


- the size of the project

- the start of any custom work (see below regarding **Upfront Cost)


Most deposit are 10-30% of the project and will depend on the size of the project.


** Upfront Cost - the start of any custom work such as kitchen cabinetry or other custom designs features.

These have to be ordered before the project begins. Once an order is in place the contractor has an obligation to pay for these so a deposit amount is needed to cover these expenses.


A Note About Progress Payments:

These payments are scheduled so that a homeowner entrust a certain amount of money to the contractor to cover the expenses of a particular portion of the project. Once this task is completed the Contractor will submit a request to cover the expenses of the next stage of the project. This provides fairness and clarity for both the homeowner and the contractor.

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