Chermark Renovations is a family owned and operated company.  We believe in giving our clients what we would want: quality workmanship, efficient project completion and good customer service.  We know that having an excellent team is an important part of achieving these high standards.  So we have a great team of professionals on our side that carry the necessary licenses and skills to complete the job.  This includes the owner of Chermark Renovations, Mark Wilson.  

Mark's experience in home building started in 1980 when he worked at framing houses and therefore gained much insight into the building process from the ground up.  Over the years he has worked in new home construction, home restoration and various specialized areas in home renovation including custom kitchen and bathrooms.​


Mark's attention to detail and knowledge of the building codes and construction standards ensure the safety and quality of the work done by  Chermark Renovations.  His professional standards enable him to troubleshoot and resolve a matter quickly and effectively.  He carries three licenses including two with the City of Hamilton and one that has a province wide recognition. His affiliation with trusted qualified professionals ensures all aspects of the construction process are up to standard.

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