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create additional living space in your home.

Convert Your Attic Space Into Useful Space....

You have unused attic space? Looking for extra room and you don't want to move? An Attic can be transformed into an office a Master Bedroom or an extra room for your family to enjoy.  Chermark Renovations has been transforming attics in and around the Hamilton Area.  Check out some attic renovation ideas below.

Attic Renovation Contractor Hamilton

Attic Room Design Ideas

An attic room is usually a space in your home that has a lot of design character.  In the attic you have different features in the house that you might not have in other parts of your home such as the the sloped ceilings and the low knee walls.   

Attic rooms are full of design potential and can be an ideal space for a master bedroom.  The low walls can be utilized for storage or designed to incorporate well suited furniture for the area. 

This space provides so many options.  Attic rooms can make the perfect retreat for a cozy family room that everyone can enjoy.  As another option, an attic is an ideal location for a home office tuck away privately from the rest of the home. 

Because of the unique design options, your attic space can become one of the most appealing spaces of your home.


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