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During our initial visit we discuss the possibilities of design choice for the renovation and building requirements that will help you make an informed decision about your renovation.  With our expertise we can help you with any challenges you may have including:  

  • Spacial challenges

  • budget concerns

  • structural requirements

  • material selection 

We will assist you in the design and planning process to help you design a space that fits your lifestyle needs.  Once we have all the details from this visit we will provide you with a free written estimate.


We provide you with a Renovation Contract outlining all the details for your peace of mind.  Our Renovation Contract provides details such as:

  • Stages and Timeline of Construction

  • Payment Schedule

  • Permit Requirements

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Our Written Warranty

We also manage all specifications where it may require a permit application as well as ensuring permit inspection.  


At this point we have the design in place and we can begin the construction stage.  Our Renovation Contract provides you a look at where we are and what stage of construction to expect next.  

Throughout the construction process  we will be consulting with you on the various design choices you have selected.  As this takes place you will begin to see your renovation project become a unique part of you home reflecting your personal style and design.

Contact us today and get your free home estimate!

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