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Basement Walkout Hamilton


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Wooden Door

Basement Entry

Accessing your basement from the outside can be achieved.  There are structural requirements needed to safely and effectively open up the concrete or brick wall.  

Basement Walkout Hamilton

What to know for a Structural Renovation

A structural alteration requires necessary steps in order to ensure that the integrity of your home is maintained.  This is when you need to consult a professional.

There are some important elements to consider for a structural renovation.  

 Our Services Include:

  • Architectural Design and Drawing

  • Permit Applications

  • Coordinating Timeline and Scheduling

  • Management and Construction and Final Finishing

  • Troubleshooting and Resolution

Basement Walkout

A desirable feature for basement living is to have a bright airy access to the backyard.  It's become a welcomed investment for homeowners to add a basement walkout with a patio door entrance to upgrade their basement space.

basement walkout Hamilton
Basement Entrance Hamilton
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